Martin Lee

Martin is the founder of HandEyeStudio, a small one-person studio in Olympia, Washington. He is a multi-talented artist and designer who is passionate about community engagement. When he’s not designing sets for Olympia Family Theater, working at Kirsop Farm or creating intricate chalk designs you can find him designing logos and other materials at HandEyeStudio.


Martin designed the Life Takes Practice logo and he is currently collaborating with LTP for apparel design and silk-screening services. New tees and hoodies arriving soon.

Martha Hamilton
An uncommon blend of rational and intuitive, strategic and empathic, practical and visionary, Martha delights in watching people recognize and find freedom from unseen traps of their own making…herself included.
She has 25+ years experience designing and successfully implementing groundbreaking strategies in public accounting, business strategy, management, and healthcare technology. Over time she came to realize that much of her success stemmed from her awareness of non-cognitive information and the ability to see critical points of leverage that create big shifts.  She’s currently studying at the intersection of Adult Development, Healing Early Developmental Trauma and Consciousness.  Her book, Going Reptile, is a playful , light view into our all too human reactivity and offers tools and approaches to navigate our own and others” reptilian” tendencies.
She works as an executive coach and group facilitator, helping people and groups uncover internal and collective resources, supporting the capacity to navigate increasing complexity and what life is asking of us. Learn more about her work at

Oriana Noël Lewis
Oriana engages in authentic movement as often as possible and writes when she can. Dancing and relationship building are the cornerstones of her wholehearted living. She also savors nature through hiking and surfing. Her professional expertise are in curriculum writing and instructing life-long adult learners on a variety of subjects including conflict-resolution, communication skills, oppression liberation, and leadership. As a state worker, she values stability and consistency, while finding freedom and variety in outside explorations of facilitation, mediation, and teaching. She is a State Certified Mediator since 2000 and a Register Yoga Instructor RYT 200.