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Stacy is a trauma-informed mindfulness teacher, resilience coach and organizational wellness consultant. She is passionate about helping people find safe and supportive ways to connect with their humanity so that they can live each day with more purpose, empathy, and a greater sense of belonging.


Clients describe Stacy as “a deeply rooted person” and “one of those rare knowledgeable, sensitive, and talented individuals” with a “deep capacity for empathy and an ability to cut through foggy thinking with remarkable insight.”


She is the CEO and founder of Life Takes Practice™, the creator of Mindful Living at Work: An Eight-Week Mindfulness-Based Skills Program for the workplace, and the Mindfulness-Based Neuro-Somatic Engagement (MBNSE) Program. Stacy is also the co-founder of Cultivate, a writing and meditation retreat for women in beautiful Hood River, Oregon.


She considers parenting and marriage to be two of her most important spiritual practices and rich sources for developing greater patience, humor, and acceptance. She writes whenever she can, is a big fan of family game night, and chooses epic novels for family read-alouds. Travel is her best nourishment, especially when it intersects with hiking, kayaking, long walks through urban landscapes, and really great food. She lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, with her husband, daughter, opinionated cat, and a free-range, litter trained bunny.


A little bit more about me...

Mt. Ellinor, Washington

Stacy and Evan Hirsch "Marriage Takes Practice"

Stacy, Trekking in Nepal, Annapurna Circuit, 18,000 ft

Annual trip to Broadway, NYC


Life Takes Practice™ is dedicated to helping people flourish through the art and science of practice.


Life Takes Practice™

Lifestyle practices for MindfulResilientLiving.



Learn more about Stacy's work at Stacy Scheel Hirsch, and Cultivate Retreats.


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