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During times of uncertainty and stress, one of our greatest resources is the ability to focus and direct our attention. Like many things in life, this takes practice. Our minds wander, get distracted, and sometimes get a little lost, and our only job is to notice and redirect our attention. With practice, we increase our self-awareness, improve our ability to focus, and learn how to more skillfully relate to our emotions.


Through a process called neuroplasticity, the repetition that is created by regular practice helps us to build new neural pathways leading to a mind that is more stable, supportive and responsive. Pilgrimage Inside is a free, weekly, guided meditation group created as a space where people can come together to practice.

Jess A

“These weekly meditations have given me the rhythm and consistency to become more dedicated in my meditation practice. Stacy does a wonderful job of guiding you from right where you are and creates a warm, yummy space to help you drop in and take a step back from the chaos of the world. Mediation has been a huge part of my healing from chronic illness. Stacy also has experienced health issues, which shows up in her meditations and helps me tap into the areas that still need healing."

Alex W

"Thank you for the reminder to look inward ❤️ and to MAKE time for it."

JoAnna W

"Thank you so much, my nervous system needed that. I feel much calmer. thank you"

Ellen Z

"This was so needed and so wonderful! Thank you Stacy! We're here for everyone else. It's necessary to re-nourish ourselves."

Tovah M

"It is so good to remember that we are not alone!!!!"

Stephanie B




Learn more about Stacy's work at Stacy Scheel Hirsch, and Cultivate Retreats.


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