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Life Takes Practice Button Set

How do we consciously and intentionally integrate these practices into our lives? What tools are needed? What is the support we find most useful? Often it is not just one thing that turns an idea or a concept into a habit. It’s a variety of tools we use to remind us of what we value so that one day whatever we practice becomes an everyday expression of who we have become.


These make a great gift. Customers are using them in their workplaces, on retreats, with family and individually as a way to stay focused and engaged during a busy day at the office, at school or at home with their children. These are also great conversation starters.


Product Details

Button Set 3-pack (18 buttons/pins)



Buttons are 1.5 inches in diameter with a high-gloss, weather-resistant finish, and a steel pin-back.

4 reviews for Button Set 3-pack

  1. Joy G

    I was so excited to tell you…the buttons are a hit! I have placed them on the outside of a cubie wall as you enter the office, each day the staff members take a button and practice, practice, practice. We use it to center ourselves or even get a chuckle out of helping someone else get centered ;). We absolutely love them. ~ Joy G

  2. Evan

    When I get caught up in my day, I start reacting to things. Seeing your magnet “Be gratitude” brings me back to who I want to be and how I want to live. thanks! Evan H

  3. Breanna

    I found the Life Takes Practice button sets at my physician’s office and fell in love! After struggling with intense illness and the losses surrounding it, I found that I needed to implement emotional care for my self and family. I found Brené Brown’s work to be a resource for managing our large familial shifts in dynamics as illness changed the shape of our lives but I sometimes found myself doing the “hustle for worthiness”. Instead of fighting with my thoughts or feeling the need to be validated- I put on my Life Takes Practice button that reads “Practicing Worthiness”. When I catch myself “hustling”, I look down on my chest and remember- Practicing worthiness is a practice, a continuum of mindful awareness of my own inner weather, when I catch myself I can choose the better way. Each Life Takes Practice button I own, has a story attached to it, memories of how my button shaped my interactions and invited in new friends. My favorite is how in an emotional situation with lots of negativity, I looked down at my chest and read “Practicing Leaning In” and just froze. The fear and caustic feelings faded and I managed to remember that I was fighting against feeling vulnerable, not my partner. I leaned in and learned to take down a barrier instead of putting one up. This is what Life Takes Practice feels like to me and why I love my Life Takes Practice button set.

  4. AWB

    Some days I wear them courageously for all to see, some days they are tucked away just for me. Either way, they have given me another tool for my life. Daily intentions, reminders, or simply some shirt art. We all need reminders of the beauty and depth of life. These buttons do that for me. Thank you 🙂 AWB

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