Live Wide Awake Unisex and Ladies’ Tees

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Live Wide Awake

Product Description: Live Wide Awake…would you want it any other way?

We sell this tee in two styles – Next Level unisex tee and the ladies’ triblend dolman tee



Men’s/Unisex: Vintage Royal

Ladies’: Vintage Navy


Fabric Blend

Men’s/Unisex: Poly/ Cotton/ Rayon Jersey

Triblend Dolman Sleeve: Poly/ Cotton/ Rayon Jersey


Unisex Size Chart (chest to fit)

small 27.5 (length) 36.6 (width)

medium 28.5 (length) 39.5 (width)

large 29.5 (length) 42.5 (width)

extra large 30.5 (length) 45 (width)



Ladies’ Dolman Sleeve (fit size)

small 26.25 (length) 37 (width)

medium 26.75 (length) 39 (width)

large 27.25 (length) 41 (width)

extra large 27.75 (length) 44 (width)